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We’ll Help You Beat the Texas Heat

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3 Signs of a Bad Auto AC Condenser


As every Texan already knows, summers in the Lone Star State can get exceptionally hot. In order to keep your cool and beat the heat, you need to have an optimally functioning car HVAC system.


However, if your car’s cooling system has a bad AC condenser, it can affect your comfort. To ensure your cabin doesn’t turn into a sweat lodge, it’s important to know the signs of a faulty auto AC condenser.


Luckily, the car AC repair experts at Lone Star Automotive in Midland, Texas are here to help. Here are three telltale signs your AC condenser needs to be repaired.


  1. Foul Odors


One of the easiest symptoms of a failing AC condenser to spot is a bad stench coming from your air conditioning unit. This will typically smell moldy or musty and could be an indicator that there is mold and fungi growing in your AC system.


If you notice any foul smells when you blast the AC, call Lone Star Automotive to book an appointment right away.


  1. Weak Airflow


Another sign that your AC condenser needs to be repaired is a lack of airflow. If you turn on your car’s AC and it doesn’t produce any airflow, a broken condenser fan or clogged vents might be to blame.


Typically, the weak airflow will be accompanied by strange sounds. If your car is exhibiting these symptoms, it’s in your best interest to book a car AC repair appointment sooner rather than later.


  1. No Cool Air


Your car’s AC system has one job: to create cool, crisp air. If your auto air conditioner is failing to blow cold air, a leaking AC condenser might be to blame. If you notice greasy and green leaks coming from your HVAC unit, give our experts a call today.


We Keep Texans Cool


If you think your AC condenser is broken, call the car AC repair specialists at Lone Star Automotive in Midland, Texas today. We’ve been providing top-notch auto repair services to our customers since 2008. Best of all, we stand behind our work with a 36-month/unlimited-mileage warranty.


To book your appointment, call us at (432) 699-5700 today.

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