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Keep Your Fleet Running Strong

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3 Fleet Maintenance Management Tips Every Business Owner Should Follow


Every business owner depends on their fleet to run optimally. However, if you neglect your routine fleet maintenance schedule, your delivery trucks and vans can suffer the consequences. Poorly maintained fleet vehicles can also impact your business, causing unnecessary downtime and lost revenue.


To keep your vehicles running at their best, you need to develop an efficient fleet management policy. Here are three tips to do just that from the fleet service specialists at Lone Star Automotive in Midland, Texas.


  1. Know Your Total Cost of Ownership


Fleet repair and maintenance costs can quickly add up. This is especially true for older vehicles. As trucks age, their important components can suffer more wear and tear. Take a look at the manufacturer’s warranty coverage for each vehicle you own. This will help you glean insights into your total cost of ownership. Understanding the value of your business assets, as well as the current market trends, helps you know when the best time is to sell your older vehicles.


  1. Keep an Eye on the Tire Pressure


Regularly checking the tire pressure of each of your fleet vehicles is a simple way to vastly extend their lifespan and mitigate potential damage. Poor tire pressure can affect a vehicle’s alignment, performance capabilities, and even compromise the driver’s safety. Proper tire pressure can increase the life of your tires and improve fuel mileage. This will save you more money at the pump.


  1. Find a Dependable Fleet Repair Company


To keep your fleet in tip-top shape, you should take your vehicles to a team of experts. Box trucks and vans have unique needs and require highly-trained specialists to work on them.


Luckily, the ASE Blue Seal Certified mechanics at Lone Star Automotive proudly serve businesses across Midland, Texas. We’ve been providing superior fleet services since 2008 and can keep your fleet in optimal shape.


We also specialize in car A/C repair, diesel repair, wheel alignments, and more. To book your fleet repair or maintenance appointment, contact us today by calling (432) 699-5700. See you soon!

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