Keep Your Fleet Crew Safe with These Driving Safety Tips

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Keep Your Fleet Crew Safe with These Driving Safety Tips

4 Safety Tips for Fleet Drivers

Whether they’re behind the wheel of a sedan or a semi, it’s important to keep your fleet drivers safe. This will ensure your team and business stay protected.

Here are four driving safety tips from the fleet service professionals at Lone Star Automotive in Midland, Texas.

Stay Focused

In order to avoid potential accidents when they’re behind the wheel, your fleet drivers need to stay focused on the highway ahead. In fact, 21% of auto accidents that resulted in injury involved a driver who was distracted.

Ensure your team understands the potential hazards of distracted driving. Ask them to put their phones away and always keep their eyes on the road.

Unsafe Sleepiness

Long hours spent on the road can easily lead to fatigue and drowsiness. Fleet drivers will commonly feel tired right after lunch or late at night. If a driver starts to lose concentration due to fatigue, feel their eyelids growing heavy, or drift lanes, they must pull over to a safe location for a quick snooze. A walk outside in the fresh air can also revive them.

Cautious Driving in Severe Weather Conditions

Texas can experience its fair share of poor weather conditions. Slippery roadways and wet weather will increase a fleet driver’s risk of an accident. To stay safe, fleet drivers must drive cautiously in severe weather. Driving below the speed limit, maintaining an extra cushion of space behind the car in front of them, adjusting their headlights as needed, and ensuring their windshield wipers work effectively are all necessary during bad weather.

Maintaining Vehicles

Preventative fleet vehicle maintenance will keep your crew safe. A poorly maintained vehicle can’t optimally function, putting your drivers at risk. It’s critical to keep up with routine automotive maintenance services, such as brake inspections, oil changes, and tire rotations.

If you need high-quality fleet services, trust the technicians at Lone Star Automotive in Midland, Texas. Call us today at (432) 699-5700 to maintain your vehicles and protect your drivers. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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